Georgina Regan

Georgina Regan , Healer is known as a healing catalyst. Because of her reputation as a healer she has been invited to participate in scientific studies throughout the world. 
Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama of Tokyo, Japan, leading expert in para-psychology was able to measurably document electrical changes in the meridians of patients treated by Ms. Regan. The meridians affected corresponded to the diseased organs of the subject receiving the healing energy. Experiments conducted at the University of London posed the question whether healers actually produce an electromagnetic charge which could be measured. In these studies Georgina produced an electrical current through her hands which could be measured by scientific instrumentation and this current could be maintained over a period of time. 
She was also invited to be part of the famous Copper Wall Project at the Menninger Clinic conducted by Dr. Elmer Green, creator of biofeedback. It was discovered that Georgina could produce 40, 60 and 220 volt pulses of body voltage while working on individuals, well in excess of other participants. Normal body voltage is between 3 to 7 volts. These voltage pulses were as much as 1,000 times stronger than skin voltage produced in strong emotional responses, 100,00 times larger than EKG voltages and 1,00,000 times larger than EEG voltages. No scientific explanation exists for this phenomena. 
With the healing energy which runs through her, Georgina has helped countless individuals with a variety of physical and psychological imbalances and disease. Her treatments help relieve mental and emotional stress, promote relaxation of the nervous system, remove blockages of all kinds and accelerate healing.

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